1) Urwerk UR-112 AGGREGAT (Preview)

2) ShieldX (Preview)

3) Wanwu Nuclear Tank Fidget Spinner (Preview)

4) Compact shaver (Preview)


6) V-MAG

Dango M1 Maverick Bifold Pockets (Preview)

7) Snyper Watches (Preview)

8) Stinger Tactical Pen

9) MOW

10) ScrewDriverKing

11) Xeter Spark

12) TAGVO Beer Holster

00:00 – ShieldX
00:55 – Compact shaver
01:45 – Urwerk UR-112 AGGREGAT
02:45 – TAGVO Beer Holster
03:37 – Wanwu Nuclear Tank Fidget Spinner
04:23 – HOTO
05:22 – V-MAG
06:28 – Dango M1 Maverick Bifold Pockets
07:16 – Snyper Watches
08:06 – Stinger Tactical Pen
08:46 – MOW
09:47 – ScrewDriverKing
10:43 – Xeter Spark

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  1. I could care less about a watch that looks good. I want what Artyom has.
    A watch that tells time, Solar Charges, has a Battery Tester, and Starter built in. Has a Hydrometer, Wind Meter, has a Compass, has a Flashlight, has a Geiger Counter, and a Detection Light.

  2. Na the watch is like wall-e

  3. So many kickstarters are direct copies of existing and cheaper products

  4. That shaver is so unhygienic all that hair all over your phone that’s ridiculous

  5. bro if you're gonna bring a portable buzzer that you have to plug into the back of your phone, you might as well just bring a different razor that won't drain your phone battery lmao

  6. what a load of overpriced chinese low lv crap, sold to prices to scam people

  7. The heck with this. I want a flying saucer.

  8. what is the name of the instruental?

  9. 3 months after this video and most of these things are still on kickstarter…

  10. I’m at home and I need to shave before I get to work. Let’s just use this tiny thing instead of using an actual full size electric razor. I mean how uncomfortable is this thing to hold onto the phone and have to have to brace the razor at the same time so it doesn’t snap at the charge port.

  11. I’m gonna get my girl the shaver for Valentine’s Day.
    Wish me luck Gents.

  12. Weird you didn’t mention flashlight

  13. Very good and unique gadgets…..!

  14. the 1st is GREAT (key holder) – Screw Driver King looks good too….

  15. The Orbitkey key holder is much better design than that big shield thing – you'd be better off just having regular keys in your pocket over that

  16. @5:29 did he just insert a non chip card into the chip reader 😂😂😂

  17. like i mean we as a people dont need fidget toys
    its just habbit your want or learnd that you cant be without fidgeting anything these days …..

  18. None of them is available in India, so what does that even mean for Indians.

  19. What a bunch of useless, tacky, shopping channel junk 😂😂😂

  20. Dremel is waaay ahead of you. Do your homework…

  21. this is not werth my time

  22. Anyone who needs to put their beer down aughta pick up a strawberry cruiser.

  23. Key holder: Keyport, Orbitkey, and many others are much better solutions
    shaver: A rotary shaver (the shittest a man can get) powered by USB? Thanks, I prefer to keep my skin on my face, and not look freshly plucked afterwards
    HOTO: Oh look, a dremel…

  24. That was fun. Had to subscribe.

  25. 12 Gadgets that have been on the market for years, yet tweaked and copied. The makers of these products should be sued for copyright. Every single one of these products are just variations of an older product, and actually more inconvenient than the original.
    Shave in the car LOL They never heard of cordless razors, eh? Why use a USB when you can use a cordless? Why even shave in the car? It still takes time, as it would in the washroom. The laughing stock of all is the Beer Holster. 😂🤣🤣

  26. Saw nothing worth more that a dollar 2.98!,

  27. I think the shaver is really not thought through — you'll have hair inside your phone

  28. that key holder gona help u lose all your keys at once

  29. ive seen a few videos like these in the past minutes and i really have to say that just prove to me how degenerated our society is. nobody needs such things and everyone who thinks he does is delusional

  30. Never had a problem carrying my keys in my pocket, also haven't seen a key holder that I could put my car key in. You don't need a micro screwdriver or a bottle opener on every single gadget either.

  31. I’d like that keyholder more of it had a Apple Air tag component to it.

  32. Christ this stuff is shit.

  33. Nothing in this video except the key holder is useful to any man.

  34. I wouldn't buy any of the crap you have shown & those that do have very shallow life's indeed,basically mummy boys.

  35. these compact card wallets are no where as user friendly like normal conventional wallets that we've been used to for generations . . .

  36. What a load of rubbish

  37. The batteries in smart phones are not intended for the draw that plug in shavers etc take it da,ages the battery and can cause overheat

  38. Making a gadget marketed at men? put a bottle opener on it.

  39. Wow! Actually double WOW! Something for men, with nothing for privileged women. Will wonder never cease? Sarcasm very much intended!

  40. YouTube has really screwed up this time, by letting this male only video, with nothing for women, get by the YouTube censors

  41. Never in my 50+ years have I ever heard anyone say my beer is too cold to hold.

  42. That cold beer 🍺 holder is the ideal portable gadget to attach to one's belt for those special moments to Sunday church services…

  43. Isn’t the hoto just a dremmel?

  44. 1: but you can not board a plane with it…

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