24 Cool Items & Devices for Science Lovers!

Here is my 2023 present information for science/physics devices and toys! There’s affiliate hyperlinks to all of the merchandise featured on this video linked under or take a look at my new web site for extra:

Dancing FerroFluid:
Swinging Sticks Kinetic Artwork:
Bioluminescent Bio-Orb:
Levitating Mild-Bulb:
Levitating Moon Lamp:
Levitating Plant Pot:
Tippe Prime Spinner:
Musical Tesla Coil:
Musical Tesla Coil Accent:
Plasma Globe:
Galton Board:
Low-Temp Stirling Engine:
Chain Wine Bottle Holder:
Balancing Chicken:
Heng Stability Lamp:
“Anti-Gravity” Humidifier:
Drift Sandscape (Attract Sand):
Transferring Sand Artwork Show:
Frog Mirascope (Holographic):
“Perpetual Movement” Show:
Euler’s Disk:
Ingesting Chicken:
Hand Boiler:
Gyroscope (Premium):
Gyroscope (Cheaper):
Levitating Spinner (Magnetic Gyro):
MOVA Globes:

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JaDropping Science
  1. You can find these gifts and more on my new website http://www.CoolScienceFinds.com! I also tried to tag as many products as I could using YouTube's shopping feature, although since they are often from different retailers, they might not be the exact ones that I bought, so if that's critical to you, use the affiliate links in the description or on my website. Thanks for watching and let me know which ones were your favorites!

  2. I love science before i watch science videos of space

  3. perpetual motion one is a fake and there’s a bunch of other fakes around the internet you just have to contact the real creator and he will make one for you mayne

  4. Im not a science lovers or know anyone who loves science but im still gonna watch this

  5. omg im crying i love this

  6. im getting the plasma globe.

  7. I got the Tesla coil and totally recommend it just read the safety instructions cuz “accidentally” dropped a paper towel on it and it started on fire and I almost burned my house down lol

  8. Golf ball would’ve bought all of this

  9. Dude put the plankton in the washing machine and you got light up clothes 💀💀

  10. he sounds like mr beast

  11. Even with all the problems of modern life (which of course haven’t already existed), having these little desk toys makes it all worth it

  12. Play rush E on the tesla coil

  13. The Earth one has got to be my favorite.

  14. my trust issues not letting me watch this withot questioning if some of these are fake.

  15. Where do I get that cup and saucer?

  16. 6:59 bro has an engine that takes too much time to get on

  17. Wow amazing 😮 👏 🤩 ❤

  18. My dads birthday is soon he will love what I’ll get him thank you

  19. 5:33 bro that thing is cook 💀

  20. Feral fluid and musical Tesla coil

  21. all

  22. Cool Science stuff i found out about is a storm glass

  23. For tesla play rush e

  24. I had a hand boiler once, but I dropped it and it broke

  25. 0:02 Is he listening to SPONGEBOB!? I love SpongeBob!

  26. It’s amazing how he closed the light with his feet

  27. Bin around for decades, nothing new.

  28. I love the antigravity humidifier! Science thats soo cool!

  29. Why arent you including prices in the vid? Bad dropshipping

  30. What do I do if I'm a child with a pacemaker? Asking for a friend

  31. Landfill food 😔

  32. It’s the first o- oops wrong video 😅

  33. Him:” they are living organisms”
    Also him: violently shakes

  34. My sand display didn’t have any air bubbles 😭

  35. What’s the first one called?

  36. What’s the first one called?

  37. imagine being those phyto plankton "jimmy i told you that would anger god i knew it, no more pineapple on pizza. now we all suffer for your strange choices"

  38. All these gifts are old junk :/ very tacky

  39. 1:13 100B missed calls from issac newton

  40. I am a science lover and all of these are so cool

  41. I thought this was Vat19 at firs 😂😅

  42. Going to buy a couple of these for wife for next school year. She’s a middle school science teacher she will love it

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