Finest Workout routines for Total Well being & Longevity | Dr. Peter Attia & Dr. Andrew Huberman

Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Andrew Huberman focus on one of the best workouts for well being and longevity.

Dr. Peter Attia is the host of The Drive podcast and is a world professional on behavioral approaches, dietary interventions, supplementation and pharmacological strategies to enhance lifespan, healthspan and athletic efficiency. Dr. Andrew Huberman is a tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford College College of Medication and host of the Huberman Lab Podcast.

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Huberman Lab Clips
  1. This clip is from the Huberman Lab episode "Dr. Peter Attia: Exercise, Nutrition, Hormones for Vitality & Longevity." The full episode can be found on YouTube here:

  2. There is no way I could farmer carry 100 lbs in each hand for two minutes. I've gotta get my 43-year-old butt up and get moving more 🙂

  3. How come women live longer than men if physical strength causes u to live longer?

  4. More videos like this in the future please

  5. 00:00 Introduction to Health and Longevity
    00:32 Impact of Smoking on Mortality
    01:32 High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease and Mortality
    02:24 Type 2 Diabetes and Mortality
    02:48 Role of Muscle Strength in Longevity
    03:31 Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Mortality
    04:33 Discussing Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Mortality Risk
    05:13 Training for Improved Cardiorespiratory Fitness
    06:02 Debate on Supplements
    06:35 Exercise and Fitness vs Diet and Supplements
    07:07 Introduction to Attia's Rule
    07:32 Discussion on Attia's Rule
    08:00 Setting Fitness Goals
    08:45 Estimating VO2 Max
    09:35 Strength Program & Centenary Decathlete Concept

  6. Love Attia's rule. That's both straight facts and hilarious.

  7. If one is already overweight, that should count as part of the farmers carrying weight. Because why would you want to overload a person who is 100lb overweight with an additional 100 lbs.

  8. Did the links to those VO2 max estimater charts get posted?

  9. recently had shoulder replacement surgery and am 67 this year… not sure a dead hang is even possible as it was a reverser shoulder replacement which they tell me I will never get full range of motion back…. because of the way the joint now works. What's and alternative

  10. Thank you – such awesome content!

  11. Longevity is all about stress
    free life. Live a life of
    "A rolling stone gathers no

  12. “Get your exercise house and VO2 Max together first before parsing the marginal stuff.” Well said, Dr. Attia.

  13. Could we get more info on the 11 exercises in Strength Assessment Metrics please?

  14. I average about 15,000 steps a day every single day

  15. Very reinforcing about excercise first berfore suppliments and diet focus. I would argue if a blood test shows a very low amount of say, Vit D, getting it up is very important. And a little thing that irks me since there are so many numbers are here. What is "Smoking" defined as? 1-pack a day? What if you smoke one cigarette a week? Or one a day?

  16. Did the person who created the title for this video actually watch the video? I don’t think they mentioned one exercise to promote longevity. They talked about testing metrics

  17. I am curious, how do these recommendations (and others) fit with blue zone areas. Do people in these areas have much higher muscle mass, strength or vo2max generally?

  18. Good stuff. Thanks, as always.

  19. Half your bodyweight and each hand? Lol.

  20. Just wondering what are the bracelets Attia is wearing on his right wrist

  21. Should you be able to lift your bodyweight in deadlift for a woman also?


  23. Those dead hangs and sit squats sound like a long time

  24. Very educational episode ‼️

  25. I feel healthier just listening to this xD

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