Tech for Trump: Silicon Valley traders flip towards Biden

Silicon Valley traders held a mega fundraiser for former President Trump within the coronary heart of San Francisco – what was as soon as an overwhelmingly liberal bastion of America. It’s essentially the most seen signal but of a rising circle of tech elites switching camps — they usually’re vocal, emboldened and wealthy. This week on a particular version of TechCheck, we go to David Sacks’ mansion, as tech shifts to Trump.

0:00 – Tech for Trump
7:24 – A Dramatic Shift
8:57 – Impression on Tech

Written and produced by: Jasmine Wu, Laura Batchelor & Deirdre Bosa

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  1. Democrat bogus charges against your political opponents is what attacking Democracy looks like. Turn a single traffic ticket level offense into 34 felonies and then ignoring the statute of limitations in two trials and then letting a non-unanimous vote to convict! The left are out of control and need to be stopped for a generation or so.

  2. NBC is Fake news!

  3. The fear that Trump will start World War 3 is ridiculous. Trump will threaten to start it, and we may see a missile crisis, but generally, the likelihood of peace in the end is much higher.
    Guy would bomb us enemies order a sunday and intimidate leaders talking about how much he enjoys his sunday.
    Hes unpredictable to the enemy which is exactly what you want.

    While with biden sleep walking into world war 3 is far more likely his weakness is on display and he doesn't have respect. Not like its his fault , was never the wisest man , and he should be in assisted care facility.
    Trump wont end democracy , the US is a republic BTW . But yeah he'll be gone in 4 years anyone who says different has brain rot. Frankly the left are the people tearing down statues of the founders , wanting to override the continuation and actively say they hate amarica in certain cases.
    When they say "Our democracy" they mean that as "Our power and Control".

  4. Consumers are turning against Tech, because it's ocean of Smart devices turned out to be way worse than the original plain tech. Smart devices are literally the worst designed devices… ever. Abandoned Androidwear Watches. Alexa. Windows 11. ChatGPT generating rubbish answers. Terrible AI hallucinations and generations. Linux on the Desktop that is fracmented and software store that is a disaster. Quadcopters that are klllning people in Ukraine. Lithium batteries that are blowing up.

  5. So you're saying they've found a way to monetize populism? I'll believe it when I see it, but it shouldn't be any harder than developing a deeply-ingrained uni-party establishment following a century's old liberal world order charter.

  6. Well the tech companies turned against the consumers and their workers. These bean counters don't care about the people, they want their special interests. Special tax breaks, loopholes from antitrust legislations, etc.. they are against free choice for the consumers.

  7. Cut taxes and no regulation and you can do anything to them

  8. Trumps perception is constantly curated by the media and people do not go through things with a fine tooth comb. Now that people are seeing the fruit of their thinking people are finally waking up.

  9. TRUMP the only choice for president. 🗽🇺🇸🦅

  10. so the billionaires and tech ceos are mad that biden is trying to stop them from becoming even more powerful. i see

  11. Democrats are abandoning a sinking ship and find a life raft with Trump

  12. After retiring recently, I'm uncertain whether my 401(k) and IRA will ensure a stable future. With $1 million set aside, I'm seeking an approach that matches my risk tolerance and financial objectives. Would you recommend investing in stocks or purchasing rental property?



  15. The money launderers are flocking to one of their own? And you're surprised? lol

  16. I’m a new dad, I moved from Tampa to Santa Clara a few years ago and I’m thinking of purchasing a single family home there, but with real estate prices currently through the roof, is it still a good idea to buy a home or should I invest in stocks for now and just wait for a housing market correction? Looks like NVDA, TSM and AMD and AVGO are strong buys this week.

  17. she’s missing two things Trump got 100 million from one woman to a super PAC and he just had 1 billion $ from a group of oil companies that have invested 500 million into a super pack and the other money Hass to be air marked for five swing states 100 million per swing state for get out the vote and voter registration

  18. We’ve seen trumps presidency and Biden‘s presidency and Trump is not only a better president. He’s one of the best presidents this country has ever had. After voting for Obama twice that’s not something you think one would say, but if I’m saying it, I can only imagine the tens of millions of people that are going to vote for Trump that passed on him twice. I think he will approach 90 million votes in 2024.

  19. Trump will approach 90 million votes in 2024

  20. I don’t know if she lied on purpose but I was there and there was 2000 anti-trump protesters and thousands and thousands up and down streets all over San Francisco and they were loud and around all night all night

  21. America is waking up God bless America God bless Donald trump's

  22. Thank emu darling ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. The main risk to democracy is Biden and his team, not Trump. The sane goes for the use of Nuclear weapon.

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